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JBIT Tech | Computer Repair in Albquerque New Mexico

We'll Fix your Computer!

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Free Diagnostics and flat rate fees quoted per job.  Drop it off at the shop to get it repaired at the best prices!

compute repair service

We can come to you!

Yes, we do house calls!  And "office calls" too!  Call today or to tell us how we can help and schedule a time!

remote computer repair service

Remote Access

Can't come to us?  or we can't come to you?  Maybe the problem is fixable remotely!

Schedule a time for us to remote into your computer and help you with a problem!


J-BIT Tech Reviews on Google - 5 Stars
J-BIT Tech 5 star review

My laptop was running very slow so I took it into J-BIT Tech. Now it runs so much faster! Josh is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He did an amazing job! Not only do I highly recommend J-BIT Tech, this is the only place I trust with my computers.

J-BIT Tech 5 star review

I decided to try J-BIT Tech when my computer wouldn't start up, because this was the only place that had no bad reviews. I didn't regret it! Josh was super helpful and eased my worries. Not only did he fix my computer, it ended up costing less than originally quoted AND it was ready for pick up the same day! He has earned my future business

J-BIT Tech 5 star review

"The minute I met Josh, I felt comfortable and welcomed. He was very kind and responsive regarding my computer issues, and never spoke condescendingly. Because of his professionalism, I felt confident I had made the right choice by selecting his company. I was referred to J-BIT Tech by several enthusiastic people from the Nextdoor app who were former customers. I'm glad to know Josh is a phone call away for my future tech needs. I also believe his pricing to be reasonable and affordable. I strongly recommend J-BIT Tech!"

-Robin E. on Yelp

J-BIT Tech 5 star review

"Called Josh about some computer questions I had, He offered me some great  solutions. I realised what I wanted to do was above my skill level. Josh did everything I asked and more at a very reasonable rate! I will go to Josh for all my tech needs from now on.  Knowledgeable, fast, good prices, cool guy what more can you ask for!?"

-George C. on Angie's List

J-BIT Tech 5 star review

"The technician was nice and very patient with my lack of know-how. He walked us through everything and did not overdo the "geek speak". He simply let us know what to do and how to get there.  More than satisfied. People who help you and don't try to sell you what you don't really need are a rarity."

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Your computer should work for you, not against you

Frustrated with your computer?  Is it slowing down or crashing all the time?  Ready to throw it out the window?  Trust me, I've been there before.  We can repair or replace that computer before (or after) you throw it out the window! 


We have been voted in the top 5 of Albuquerque the Magazine's Best computer repair services multiple years in a row!  We can tackle Mac or PC, whether you need screen repair, virus removal, pc cleaning, or hardware upgrades to speed up your computer, we've got you covered!


Ready for an upgrade?  we've got used and refurbished computers too!  No need to pay for shipping and risk it on eBay when you can come to the trusted source in computers right here in ABQ!

PC & Mac • Virus Removal • Tune-up and Cleaning Services • Hardware Upgrades • Screen Repair • Used Computers 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make office visits or house calls?

Yes!  We are fully mobile and can come to you if needed.  We cover the Albuquerque area. There may be trip charges for Rio Rancho, Placitas, Bernalillo, or the south valley.   Call us for an estimate!

Can transfer data from my old computer to my new computer?

Yes!  whether you have a PC or a Mac we can help transfer data to your new computer!  We can also assist with buying a new computer and often have a selection of used and refurbished computers at the shop.  So come check out the selection!

Where can I recycle my old electronics?

Right here!  Just bring them down to the shop and we'll recycle them for free!  We also will remove any hard drives and either destroy them or hand them back to you for free so that you know your data is safe!

Can you remove a virus without loosing my data?

In many cases, yes!  But it really depends on the virus and the level of infection.  While many computer repair places in Albuquerque might default to wiping the PC and reinstalling windows, we take a more nuanced approach and try to clear the virus as efficiently as possible without losing your data.  That said, there are some cases that a full wipe is needed, in most of those cases, we can back up your data first.

I dropped my laptop, is the screen replaceable?

Yes!  Call us to get a free estimate.  But most screens are replaceable so you won't need a whole new computer!

Do you have used computers?

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Yes!  We have a small inventory of used and refurbished computers that changes regularly!  Call us or stop by to see what we have!